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SM Conseils-Services, GRH is a Montreal based executive search and management consulting company; that delivers comprehensive services to a wide gamut of industries, corporate organisations and businesses; with a special focus on top management recruitments, HR audit, policy and procedures creations, refurbishments, capability studies and change management. SM Conseils-Services, GRH has its sister concern; U & V Management Consultants' based in Bahrain, which is one of the top executive search firms in the Golf region. Choosing the proficient performer is the most important lever of success for any organisation. Therefore, finding the pertinent talent is the ultimate challenge faced by any business entrepreneur, SM Conseils-Services, GRH provides unique approaches and reliable solutions which work towards the organizational needs and synergize with its values and vision.

About us

Our Mission

Build a customized system optimized for our clients in the HRM domain to create competitive advantage, along with keeping our customer’s company to their objectives.

Our Vision

We envision companies' future where our partners hold the adequate human capital capable of creating their own opportunities in the fast changing business environment toward absolute progress.

Our goals

Each request is unique for SM Conseils-Services, GRH. One of our strengths is to quickly assimilate your organizational culture.

We aim to offer you customized solutions, efficient and reliable, based on a deep analysis to the needs and aspirations of our clients and candidates.

Our values

  • Effectiveness: Effectiveness is our leitmotiv, because we fulfil quickly and adequately our mandate to ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Commitment: We respect our commitments when it comes to protecting information, preserving confidentiality, providing services, and achieving results and deadlines to build a relationship of trust.

  • Loyalty: Our culture is based on the loyalty of a rigorous and self-motivating team to help our clients to achieve their goals.

  • Cultural diversity: One of our greatest assets is cultural diversity; we work with these valuable resource. We promote integration and we appreciate intercultural intelligence in order to ensure the transformation to new forms of more flexible organization.

Our services

HR Executive Search

Successful Recruitment of exceptional HR Professionals who possess unique skills and qualifications which enable them to execute the organizational objectives through active planning , full commitment and business excellence. Our ability to recognize and attract those skilled individuals, along with an aptitude to comprehend the objectives and direction of organizations, is what makes SM Conseils-Services, GRH exceptional. Our main focus is on meeting the client’s needs by recruiting exceptional candidates who are ready to take an organization to the next level. Our experienced recruiters utilize their knowledge and experience to identify and determine the market dynamics and expected challenges that HR Executives face in an ever evolving professional environment. Our team has many on years of accumulated experience, combined with proven strategies and approaches , to guarantee a successful fit within the company's structure and culture.

Strategic HR Consulting

Attracting, rewarding ,retaining, and motivating employees are critical factors to any organization's success, In order meet these common challenges we require human resources solutions tailored especially to fit our client's needs , they are designed to strategically align with the business goals and the organizational vision as well. We offer a complete range of HRM solutions covering every aspect of the employment relationship. We aim to fully comprehend the business and desired outcomes in order deliver services tailored to the client's needs and budgets. To provide remarkable flexibility for our clients and save on time and money.

Business Process

U&V Management Consultants take up consultation services to review & frame your business management processes. by providing a professional Human Resources toolbox, a combination of specialized skills and exceptional knowledge ,we focused on providing our clients' with proven solutions and authentic approaches and programs to overcome the challenges.

Restructuring & Revamping

Those companies that are stagnated on growth often need an expert support to identify the real causes and provide guidance to move forward and get to the next level. We are certified facilitators of organizational change and restructuring, we also provide and training solutions that will assist in identifying leadership potential, motivation factors, and understanding how behavioural style impacts work place relationships to enable effective leadership and promote teamwork. Because We believe that the main drive of organizational performance is the quality of leadership which requires experience and skills , knowing what drives their team to ensure they have the right individuals on their team to drive company growth.

Design the Start-Ups

We analyse the business model, develop revenue streams, give advice on fundraising, stress-test the route-to-market strategy, advice on management , and provide our client with a thorough assessment of their organizational structure in addition to a road-map for taking next steps, we also design and implement the company's policies and procedures

Our services

We trait the request of our customers personally or through professionals in their field of HRM to offer you varied, complete and competitive services.
  • Staffing and Recruitment Services:
    • Permanent;
    • Temporary and contract staff.
  • Consultancy Services:
    • Training;
    • Career management skills;
    • Talent management;
    • Mobilization and others.

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